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  • 冲压弹片

Seckley product centerFocus on all kinds of material spring customized to meet the needs of different areas

Product ApplicationsMultiple partners cover multiple application areas

  • 3D打印机弹簧价格

    Fitness equipment application

  • 冲压弹片

    Medical equipment

  • 恒力弹簧定制

    The bicycle

  • 扭转弹簧

    The remote control

  • 电动工具弹簧


  • 触摸弹簧用途


  • 汽车弹簧

    Auto parts

  • 电动工具弹簧批发


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    What's the differenc...
    Pressure compression spring (spring) is under axial pressure of the spiral spring, it is used in the...
    Check the details 11-202019

    Spring information /industry

    What's the differenc...
    Pressure compression spring (spring) is under axial pressure of the spiral spring, it is used in the...
    What is a helical sp...
    Helical spring refers to the helical spring made of spring steel wire. There are many types of helic...

    Common problems /problem

    Manufacturing techno...
    Part of special-shaped spring production, is that need company fierce discussion is combined with a...
    Problem and solution...
    What does drawing spring diameter tolerance mean? The line diameter will be shown in the search resu...
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    Kunshan saikeli hardware plastic co., LTD. Was established in 2004, is a set of research and development, production, sales and service in one integrated precision spring/stamping shrapnel production enterprises. Main products: compression spring, automobile spring, torsion spring, stretch spring, power tool spring, touch spring, punching shrapnel, antenna spring, constant force spring, 3D printer spring, bicycle spring, etc. For more than ten years, the company adheres to the service concept of high quality, perfect products and "people-oriented, scientific and technological production", has a professional technical management team with many years of experience, equipped with a number of advanced foreign production equipment and inspection instruments, to create satisfactory value for customers, and help customers to achieve success. Sackley is committed to creating a stage for strivers to display their talents. We are people-oriented, talent as an important strategic resources and valuable wealth of enterprises. Encourage progress, inspire creativity, and share the fruits of success by respecting, nurturing, motivating, and helping. Saikeli adhering to the customer-oriented, trust, unity, advocating, principles, self-inspection, obedience values, the pursuit of health, stability and sustainable management. The products cover the whole country with high quality and are exported to foreign countries.

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